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Who we are;

photoWe are a Protentant Christian church. We believe Jesus Christ as the Savior.
On every Sunday service, there is an atmosphere of encouragement and building up each other. The messages are shared in both Japanese and English. (Depending on the needs, Spanish interpreting is given) We share salvation through Jesus Christ and help people, and families to find the purpose of life and resotore healthy self esteem.

Our Activities;

Coaching about building up family relationship, restoration of marriage, and parenting of children. We promote bilingual education through Kids' Club and other programs. We hope to serve in the society through various activities.

History and connection

In 1992, this church was founded by missionary Rodolfo and his family from a church in Mexico( Amistad de Puebla). Our church is under the covering of Amistad network. We deepen our relationship through family like connection and fellowship. We also have fellowship with various Protentant churches in Sapporo area and other churches in the world.

Church overview

name Sapporo Christian Group

Amistad Group
(one of the biggest christian group)

(covering church)


(Please check the meeting place information) )Mainly Toyohira Kumin Center is used. But there is a possibility of change.

office 〒005-0006 Sapporo-shi, Minamiku, Sumikawa, 6 jyo-3 chome, 2-4-302 
c/o Okada (Mails to be sent here)
P.O. Box 〒062-8799 Toyohira Pos Office P.O. Box #37
Sapporo Christian Group
mail paginamaestro@hotmail.com

Postal transfer)

name : Sapporo Christian Group

number :02760-2- 41966

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