Christian church based on the Bible★Sapporo Christian Group

The church based on the teaching of the Bible

Our church is a church based on the Bible. The Bible, the Word of God, is like a manual of life. God did not create man without leaving any instruction. It is just like an electric appliance maker attaches a manual to the product so that the users may be able to use it correctly.

The Bible is an unshakable foundation of life. Values are changing very fast these days. But when we find out the unshakable foundation, we can build up our lives in a strong way.

私We believe that 66 books in the Bible are the Word of God. Through this Bible, we can encounter our Savior Jesus Christ. And we will be able to experience the transformation of life.

How to apply to the present society

We accept the Word of the New Testament including 'miracles' and believe that miracles happen today. However, we are not Hebrews, and the times and culture are different. So we do not think that everything should be exactly the same as in the Bible.

We are in the position of interpreting the history of the Old Testament literally. At the same time, the Old Testament is a type of Jesus Christ and the spiritual world. Therefore, we would like to learn the spiritual meanings and what God speaks through it.

We hope to get to know the plan of God and build up the relationship with God through the Bible. We also hope that many people may get to know the salvation of Jesus.