Christian church based on the Bible★Sapporo Christian Group

Faith in Christ

We are a Christian church that believes Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Jesus was one with God the Father in heaven. And He came to the earth to save humankind.

2000 years ago, He walked on the earth as a man and carried our sickness and our pain. And He died on the cross and gave Himself as a sacrifice to save all humankind.

However, on the third day, He resurrected from the dead and went up to heaven and He is alive now. He was enthroned on the right side of God. He completed all the work and went back to the position of God.

Those who believe in Him have all their sins forgiven and can have the restoration of the relationship with God.

The only way, life and truth

Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.' (John 14::6)

'The way ' is a way to go to God the Father. 'The truth' is different from the reality or the status quo. Various types of hindrances in the world keep people from seeing the real things. But through knowing Jesus, the truth is restored. 'The life' is a true life. The life in this world is a limited life.

しHowever, those who believe in Jesus are given a life to last for eternity. Also we will be able to live an abundant life in God while on the earth.