Christian church based on the Bible★Sapporo Christian Group

Connection with a body of Christ

Churches which believe the Bible and Christ are built by God and they are precious. The Bible calls church 'a body of Christ', for churches are connected with one another with Christ as a head like one body.

The pastors are teachers at CFNJ Bible school. This church is in relationship with national and local protestant churches. This church is involved in the united praise & prayer meeting and Sapporo prayer tower.

Some of the members are homeschooling and are associated with Hokkaido Homeschooling network.

Global perspective

We are connected with various churches in the world and other Christian ministries.

We are a branch church of Amistad group. And the first global relationship is with Amistad group in Mexico. We are also Japan office of Ebenezer Emergency Fund, which is a ministry to bless Israel. We are also connected with the apostlic movement inside and outside Japan. The pastors have work abroad and have relationship with international churches. We receive many guest speakers from abroad.

Since we cooperated with recording of Latin American praise & worship, we have connection with Spanish speaking churches in Japan. In 2010, we gave 'marriage seminar' for 6 sessions on CGNTV, which is the largest Christian sattelite TV in the east Asia「Love, marriage seminar」(Japanese Only)


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