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Vibrant praise & worship

We use various musical instruments to praise and worship the Lord.

The Bible says that God is enthroned in the praises of Israel. (Psalams 22:3) When we praise God, God's presence fill that place and we can have encounter with God.

In the Bible, the Holy Spirit is compared to wind. Air exists everywhere. But wind is not blowing everywhere. In the same way, God is omnipresent but it is not the same as God's manifested presence.

Therefore, we do not seek only His omnipresence but His manifested presence, and one of the ways to find that is through praise & wroship.

Latin America is known as the nations of rhythm and music. And Mexico is especially known for its Christian music. Our church is known as a church with the flow of Mexican passionate praise & worship.

Reference article:Latin America's praise(Christian Magazine)


Praise & worship as a life style

In general, the Sunday meeting of Christian churches are called 'wiorship service'. Then which part of the program is the worship? Of course, prayer, praise & worship, sermon, fellowship and other things in total become worship to God. But as it is called, the first part of the program, praise & worship is exactly the time to have an encounter with God and give worship to the Lord.

In other words, anyone can have an encounter with God if you praise and worship God, no matter where you may be.

Not all the Christians may be called to serve in the praise & worship ministry during the service. But we encourage all the church members to play the guitars, because guitars are one of the easiest intruments to play. And playing the guitars facilitate anyone to get into the presence of the Lord.

And through that, many people get dramatically transformed in their daily devotions to the Lord.



Latin American praise

Participating in the recording of CanZIon Producciones

You have turned my lamentation (HAS CAMBIADO MI LAMENTO)



CanZIon Producciones

Majestic Potente (Majestoso Poderoso)