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Intercession and prayer

There are many definitions of the word 'prayer'. Prayer is not just asking God for something. First of all, prayer is the communication with God and ultimately it is an intimate communion with God.

There is a prayer of intercession among different types of prayer. In general, the prayer of intercession seems to be considered as praying according to the prayer requests and also praying fervantly. The essence of the prayer of intercession is to take a role of a mediator between God and the earth, which means first of all seeking the face of God and establishing the intimate relationship with God.

We lead 'the prayer tower of Sapporo' which is held once a month at Good Hour church. We also have the time of seeking the face of God in the church prayer meeting and small groups. Also we organize the prayer and intercession trip inside and outside of Japan. So far we have been to Spain, Taiwan, Washington D.C. and Israel for the prayer trip.

The pastor teaches on 'Intercession' at CFNJ Bible school.



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Basic Teaching of intercession Prayer(Japanese only)