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Ministry to families

Families are the smallest unit of the society and God has a great plan for each family. God has plans whether you are single or married, and has plans and roles for each stage of our lives. We need to understand that each stage and position in life is a special and unique one in life. Otherwise, single people may not be able to find joy in life, or married people may not be able to make most of the marriage.

Today, there is a lack of teaching about families and marriage. Therefore, we would like to edify the families through teaching as well as counseling and coaching.

Coaching for marriage

Many families have problems nowadays. It seems that it may be the problem of children but many times the root cause of the problems is in the marriage. Also many of the cases, the problem actually is not the problem in front of them, instead it is the trauma from the chilfhood. Therefore, we are helping restore the lives of individuals, marriage and parents & children relationship in various ways.

Those who are giving counseling and coaching are not only the pastors but also the church staff and other leaders, Sunday school teachers etc. We are working together as a team.

The pastor runs a personal blog師自身「ラブ・夫婦コーチング」 and through that, he gives teaching or coaching.

In 2010, there was a 6 times series of marriage seminar through a Christian sattelite broadcasting center which is the largest in the east Asia. 「結婚セミナー

Ministry to single mother (father)

We support those who raise their children in various difficult situations such as divorce.

The factors which oppress the lives are not only financial or other physical situations. Loneliness or fear may be the problems. Also because of the lack of the contact with the society, people sometimes may not be able to receive the support.


Teaching for Family(part 1)


Session 1
Family: God s Spiritual Representatives on Earth


Session 2:
Apostolic Family Vision


Session 3:
Family Relationships and Discipline


Session 4:
Marriage: a type of Spiritual Relationship with God


Session 5:
Spiritual Mystery of Sex