Christian church based on the Bible★Sapporo Christian Group

Ministry to the youth

We hope that the youth may have big dreams and may be used by the Lord and may prosper in the society. Alberto Motomochi, Mexican missionary, is the youth leader and supports the youth ministry.

We have youth meeting, youth prayer meeting and we organize domestic youth outreach.

The youth praise & worship team is serving and facilitating the flow of the Holy Spirit. We are associated with Homeschooling fellowship. We are supporting the preparation for the future through the foreign language learning program.


Information campagin and support to those who are troubled with undesired pregnancy

We have activities to instruct the youth with right information about sex so that they may be able to make a right choice. As we work in this ministry, we realize that there is a lack of information, so they do not know how to protect themselves or what kind of support system there is for them.

Also we are supporting Japan Alive (NPO) which help the youth with problems of sex. 、Japan Alive works mainly to do the information campaign about sex, counseling for those with domestic violence or abortion, and also to mediate special adoption. For more detail of Japan Alive:

In any case, we would like to send out information in various ways.

In 2010, we recorded 'marriage & love seminar' for6 times series with a Christian sattelite broadcasting center which is the largest in the east Asia. 「Love, marriage seminar」(Japanese only)