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The church of spiritual warfare

'Spiritual warfare' is not detached from our daily lives of faith. The Bible says that we need to obey God (James 4:7) in order to cast out

Satan. Praise is also the way to cast out Satan. Therefore, if a Christian is connected with the Word of God and praises God, that will bring spiritual protection.

Someone may think that Jesus won the victory 2000 years ago already so there is no need of fighting. We really need to understand that Jesus did win the victory already. Therefore our battle is not the matter of winning or losing, but it is a battle to get the victory which is already given to us.

Let me give you an example.

The difference between receiving and ruling

When we purchase a building, it is usually done through a firm. But if we purchase through an auction at the court, we can buy it cheaper.
However, it is dangerous to purchase the building without checking beforehand. It may not a vacant building but some people may be living inside

How does it happen? It is because the previous owner still has an old contract with those people. They have a right to stay there. That is, to own a building and to have the building available to use are two different things. This example shows that there is a spiritual warfare still now.

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