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Apostlic Church

The apostlic church does not mean a church where a powerful leader called an apostle leads.

The meaning of 'apostle' is 'the one who was sent'. Jesus Himself is the first apostle (apostle of faith) and the author and the finisher of faith. (Hebrew 3:1, 12:2) First of all, Jesus was sent to the earth by God the Father. After that, He sent His disciples. (Luke9:1) Then 70 disciples trained by the disciples of Jesus were sent out.(Luke10:1) After the resurrection of Jesus, He sent us by the power of the Holy Spirit. (John20:21)

Therefore the essence of the apostlic church is a church to reproduce and cover one another. Through that, the cycle of discipleship is to be passed through the generations in the history of church.

Apostlic Connection

Besides the concept of 'apostlic', we believe that there is an office of 'apostles' still today. As in Ephesians 4:11, apostles and prophets are as important as pastors, teachers, and evangelists. When we see the whole New Testament, the word 'apostle' appears 66 times which is much more than the word 'pastor'.

Paul was not one of the 12 apostles, but he became the one who was greatly used by God. Also Barnaba (Acts14:14) and Andronicus(Roman16:7) were refered to as apostles. We can understand that apostles are not limited to the 12 disciples but are carried on after that

We are connected with the global apostlic andprophetic movement and we hope to make most of the blessings God has given the body of Christ.