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To experience the grace in Christ is the foundation of faith

(Acts4:33) And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all.

When we read 'the book of Acts' in the Bible, we can see a big difference from the Christian church of today. The church in the book of Acts had so many signs, wonders, and overwhelming number of people's conversion. We clearly see there was 'great grace' upon them and God was working abundantly there.

Grace is a unmerited gift. The atmosphere of grace is 'joy' and 'patience'. There is no tension there. In the atmosphere of accepting failures or weaknesses, the Spirit of God works abundantly and people can grow with ease.

Atmosphere filled with Grace

(Isaiah12:3) Therefore with joy you will draw waterFrom the wells of salvation.

'Joy'and 'grace' may be like vessels. Even if there is a fountain of abundant water, you cannot get the water without a vessel. God desires to manifest great blessings and miracles, and works of salvation to the church, but the church cannot receive all those blessings if joy and grace is lacking.

The source of Grace is Christ. We all get saved by Grace.(Ephesians2:8) Salvation is a unmerited gift of God. Therefore, the name of Christ should be exalted high so that the grace of God may flow in the church.

Also 'humbleness' which is the nature of Christ facilitates the grace to flow(Phip.2:5) and helps us to edify one another.