Christian church based on the Bible★Sapporo Christian Group

What is the essence?

The essence is the most basic part of something.

What is the essence of a clock? Is it a needle or a motor or a dial? However, the most basic part of the clock is to tell time correctly. These days, the role of a clock is not only to tell time but has various other functions such as fashion or status etc. But if the clock cannot tell time correctly, which should be the most important function, then the essence is lacking.

We believe that we should never lose the essence of the church just because we want the church look good on the outside or get preoccupied with activities.

Essence, not appearance

The essence of the church we believe is to experience Christ, to experience grace, salvation of souls and making disciples (Matthew 28:18-19) Also it is to fill the earth with the Kingdom values. (Genesis 1:28)

To keep the essence alive, we try to minimize the work of the church which are organizational and try to make it as simple as possible.

But it is not to make the church activities small. But the church is gathering of Christians. So we hope that each member may support the church with burdens or visions God has given them so that the churcy may grow as a whole.