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Three identidies we need

Who am I? That is an important thing we should know in our lives. You can live without knowing the answer to this question, but that means a life without a foundation. There are three identities we all need.

The first one is an identity in God. This begins as you receive Jesus as your Saviour into your heart and you are made God's child. This is not only about our lives but it is about eternal life.

The second one is an identity that is cultivated at home in the family. It is not so important as the first one but it is important in that it may influence character building greatly. Parents on the earth represent God the Father in a spiritual sense. So if you have a traumatic experience such as abuse in your childhood, it may hinder you from getting to know God. But if you experience God's unconditional love, your wounds will be healed.

Christ is a source of all the identity

And the third identity is an identity as a citizen of a nation. The Bible says that our citizenship is in heaven. So this is not so as important as the first or second identity. Also this identity is often used in a wrong way. Therefore it is a fact that some people consider this type of identity as something negative.

However, as in the book of Acts 17:26-27, it is ultimatelyt God that determined the boundaries of the nations. And it is because God has a plan that people may get to know God through this. That is why we need to understand this type of identity in a healthy way.

(Colossians 2:9) For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Anyway, the source of all our identities is in Christ. We can restore healthy identity through getting to know Christ and getting connected with Him.