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Good Atmosphere

What we are aiming for is to make a good atmosphere.

Good atmosphere is like a vessel as is explained in the section of grace. Even though there is the essence of the Gospel there and God's Spirit may be working there, people may find it hard to open up their hearts to God in the tense and religious atmosphere. As a result, people may not be able to receive the blessings.

Good atmosphere is an atmosphere where there is 'love', 'patience', 'acceptance', 'joy', and 'humility'.

In our church, we give opportunities to people to serve, even though some may not be very capable, because we have a purpose to edify the church through serving. What is important there is the atmosphere of grace, not embarrassing people when they make mistakes.

If there is an atmosphere of being afraid of making mistakes, people may not be able to do things right. But in the atmosphere of grace, people can fly freely.


Joy is a solution to many problems

Through the finding of Natural Killer cell, it is a common sense in the recent medicine that laughing is very good for the health. What is interesting is that even fake laughing is effective. That means, if you cannot laugh from the heart, you can get good result by making decisions to laugh.

The function of NK cells is for the health. In the same way, laughter and joy do good to the health emotionally and spiritually. Paul said repeatedly 'Rejoice'. Paul went on to say that rejoycing for you, it is safe. (Philip3:1)


If laughing is to humiliate others or if it is vulgar joke, it is not pleasing to God. But laughing and joy is necessary!


(Psalm16:11)You will show me the path of life;In Your presence is fullness of joy;At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

As is in this scripture, it is God that gives us joy and pleasure, and it is for the health of our spirit, soul and body.


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