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Think and act for yourself

God created man with free will. Therefore, life in faith is the product of blind faith or mind control but thinking and acting for yourself by faith.

Of course, people are easily affected by emotion and also we cannot find out the whole truth. Therefore, it is not good to say that we can decide anything by ourselves. But as each person encounters with God and grows in the Word of God, he or she will be able to make a right decision.

There are two extreme ideas about God. One is that God is in control of everything and the fate of people is already determined and cannot be changed by anything. Another idea is that after God created heaven and earth, God leaves everything alone. Neither idea is correct. One thing is sure, which is, God made humankind coheirs with God. Therefore, our decisions and thoughts are also important.

The decision of man makes the direction of life

God has the best plan and His will for our lives but it does not mean fatalisism. For example, it is like if you just pray to God and live in holiness, then your spouse will be given to you. This kind of idea is not totally wrong and there is such an aspect. But if we believe in only this aspect, we may lack balance.

After God created the earth, God entrusted the earth to mankind. God was pleased as man did creative activities with their own free will.

Of course Adam sinned and because of that mankind at present do not have free will as Adam. But As the Bible says that God's calling and gifts are unchangeable, there is still an aspect of things to be done through man's decisions.

To understand this, the following message of 'intercession' will be helpful.


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