Christian church based on the Bible★Sapporo Christian Group

■ Next Meeting Place

Information of meetings

We have main meetings on Sunday at 10:30am.

The main program of the meeting is (1)Praise & worship、(2)announcement(3)message(4)fellowship.

There is a profound encounter with God in the time of praise & worship. Also healing and deliverance from oppression may happen during the praise & worship.

There is a time of offering during the meeting. But it is voluntary and spontaneous. And there is no obligation.

The message is about the Bible and how to apply the Word of God into lives. All the messages have translation with English. Depending on the speakers, the messages may be in Spanish but there is surely a tranlation for English

The meeting lasts for an hour and a half usually. After the meeting, there is time of fellowship. Most people buy lunch in the nearby convenience store or bring lunch and eat together. In the afternoon, there is time of practicing the musical instruments, coaching, Bible Basic teaching class, counseling prayer and so on.

※ The photo is in the audio-visual room.

We rent a place for gathering

Since 2006, we have been meeting at a public place (Toyohira kumin center) instead of owning a building.

The Bible calls the church a body of Christ, and the church means a gathering of those who believe in Christ instead of a church building. Members of the church have more awareness of being members of a body of Christ by not owning a building. Although the public center is not available on special occasions such as new year's holidays, this type of place is easy to use and it has been convenient.

Also we support this center as a committee member. We also lead English children's club and hope to serve the local community.

※ The photo is taken in the Japanese room 'Ikoi'.



place used regularly

★ Toyohira Kumin Center
Sapporo-shi, Toyohira-ku, Hiragishi, 6 Jyo 10 chome


place used occasionally

★ Shiroishi Kumin Center
Sapporo-shi, Shiroishi-ku, Nangōdōri, 1 Minami−8−1

★ Minami Kumin Center
Sapporo-shi, Minami-ku, Makomanaisaiwaimachi, 2-chōme−2

★ Sumikawa danchi office (meeting place)
Sapporo-shi, Minami-ku, Sumikawa 6 Jō, 3-chōme−2−10

regular gathering

★ Sunday
at 10:30am every Sunday

★ Wednesday prayer meeting
at 7:00pm every Wednesday

Children's class From about 11:00am every Sunday
The children's class is held during the message time at the service
Small group as occasion
closest station

★ Shiroishi Kumin Center
1 munute from SubWay Tozai Line Shiroishi St.


★ Minami Kumin Center
7 munute from SubWay Nanboku Line Makomanai St.

★ Sumikawa danchi office (meeting place)
10 munute from SubWay Nanboku Line Sumikawa St.

Bus service Jotetsu bus「南south56」「南south65」
Chuo bus「白shiro30」「79」「83」「89」「平Hira50」

■ Toyohira Kumin Center MAP


■ Shiroishi Kumin Center MAP


■ Minami Kumin Center MAP


■ Sumikawa danchi office meeting place MAP


A church open to the local community

We have activities to bless the local community such as Super Kids' Club and Sumikawa English Club. We have those activities with a vision that all the children should learn English and they have been a blessing for the community. We also have parenting coaching seminar or marriage seminar regularly at church.

Also we have been invited to a local government or board of education and have held marriage seminar, parenting seminar or workshop. So far we were invited to Sapporo city, an elementary school PTA in Sapporo, Chitose city, Iwamizawa city, Aichi prefecture, Iwaki city, and Nanporo town.

(※)The photo is a wedding held at multi-purpose hall.


bus service:

bus route to come to church(although it is not the latest information)

中ノ島Nakano shima65 平岸線南Hiragishi line south56 羊が丘Hitsujigaoka89 平岸Hiragishi50 西岡美園Nishioka Misono83 平岸Hiragishi79 白石Shiroishi30 subway Nanboku line, Toho line

from subway Nanboku line Hiragishi st.:白石平岸線Shiroishi Hiragishi line[白shiroe30] または中央バス平岸線Chuo bus Hiragishi line[平Hira50] (get off at Toyohira kuyakusho )

from subway Tozai line Shiroishi st.:白石平岸線Shiroishi hiragishi line[白shiro30] (get off at Toyohira Kuyakusho)

from Satsudai seimon mae札大正門前より:Chuo bus西岡平岸線Nishioka Hiragishi line[79]or西岡美園線Nishioka Misono line[83]

( get off at Toyohira kuyakusho)

from Kiyotaku shinei:Chuo bus Hiragishi line[平hira50] ( get off at Toyohira kuyakusho)

from Fukuzumi 3jo 9chome(Hitsujigaoka area)Chuo bus Hitsujigaoka line[89](get off at Toyohira kuyakusho)

from Hosui Susukino st.Jotetsu bus Hiragishi line[南Minami56](get off at Toyohira Kuyakusho)

from Makomanai HonchoJotetsu bus Nakanoshima line65(get off at Toyohira Kuyakusho)

In case you come from the area of Sapporo st, Odori park, Susukino, Nakajima park, subway is convenient but also if you use the bus line of西岡美園線Nishioka Misono line[83] or中央バス・羊ヶ丘線Chuo bus Hitsujigaoka line[89] you will be able to come very close to the church (get off at Toyohira kuyakusho)