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Super Kids' Club

Children are genious of acquiring languages. They learn English through music or gamrs naturally. The program of SKC is all bilingual. So anyone can join this program. Parents may be surprised to see their children starting to speak English suddently.

年There are 3 courses in one year and it is on Monday. At the end of each semester, there is Super Kids' party.

eTher range of the age of the participants is from 0 till 6 years old, but elementary school children also can enjoy the program.

There is no entrance fee. You can pay each time you participate for that day.

Coffe time & Parenting coaching for moms

There is mom's coffee time after the program. It is the time of Oasis for the moms who struggle every day in taking care of children. There is one point parenting lesson over the coffee. It is very popular because the moms can get good and helpful advice.

The program or the content of the parent coaching is available through Super Kid's Blog

If you would like to receive counseling or advice about parenting or marriage problems, please do not hesitate to ask us.



Location Toyohira Kumin Center(Sapporoshi Toyohiraku Hiragishi 6jo, 10chome)
1st floor room Ikoi

Monday 3:10pm-4:30pm

Schedule 3 semesters: there is spring, summer, and winter vacation
for more detail:Super Kids' Blog
0 -6 years old( accompanied with the parents)
Access Subway Nanboku line:Minami Hiragishi st.(12 minute walk) Hiragishi st.(12 minute walk)
Subway Toho line:Misono st.
fee 1lesson 500 yen ( with the addition of brother/sister, 200 yen +)


Main instructor Rumiko Okada is a mastor in linguistics, and majored in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). She has abundant experience in teaching small children, students for college exams, or obtaining English proficiency tests and so on Her English teaching has a good reputation.

Megumi Kijima was a ex kinder garten teacher and she is a staff at English preschool Kitopia. She is active as a parenting adviser. Also she teaches at Sunday school at church.

Also we have other excellent staff such as children's teacher of the church. And the assistants are very fluent in English so they are good models for the children to follow.

Alberto is especially popular among boys.


Main instructor
Rumiko Okada
Ohio University linguistics master's degree
ex IAY instructor of Eiken 1st level course

Mexican very popular among children

Megumi Kijima

ex kindergarten teacher in Osaka
Staff at preschool Kitopia
Parenting counselor

Kazuko Ishikura
Main children teacher of Sapporo Christian Group
Sami Okada

2nd year of high school
Eiken pre 1st level, speaks 3 language Spanish, English, and Japanese

studies right now in Mexico

Rina Okada
6th grade
Eiken 2nd level, speaks English, Spanish, and Japanese
Guest instructors Occasionally we have foreingers as guest instructors

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