Christian church based on the Bible★Sapporo Christian Group

Pastors:Yoshihiro & Rumiko Okada

The pastors have received leadership training at the Bible school in Mexico. They were appointed as pastors in 1998 but they had been serving and receiving training as church pastoral staff under the ,senior pastors.

One of the main areas of the ministries is marriage counseling and parenting coaching. They taught on marriage for 6 series session at CGNTV(Link

They are teachers at CFNJ Bible school. The main topics are intercession, family & parenting, spiritual warfare.

There is a focus on market place ministry (going out to the world outside of the frame of church in order to expand the kingdom values). The pastor himself is known as tangerine peeling artist.

We have a vision of enhancing language learning and to raise interpreters for the kingdom of God.

Profile of the pastors

name Yoshihiro & Rumiko Okada
birth place

Osaka(husband) Hokkaido(wife)


Osaka art university department of fine arts(husband)
Ohio University master of linguistics(wife)

Bible school Estandarte para las Nationes

CFNJ Bible School
Sapporo Prayer Tower
marriage coaching

tangerine peeling artist(husband)

family 3 children(born in 1998~2010)
tangerine peeling art」(only English)
happy marriage adviser (only Japanese)

Church Staff

The church works with pastoral staff team and several other helpers. They sometimes take on the work of pastors, giving counseling, teaching and caoching and evangelizing. Also they share the word of God prophetically.

We aim for the team ministry. Each of the staff use their gifts in order to edify the body of Christ.

This church does not have a concept of 'layman'. All the members are the part of the body of Christ. Each member is in each different situation. Some go through the process of healing and restoration. Others are relaxed. Still others manifest the glory of God through their lives. Some take on the work of the church. All the members are precious and valuable and consist of the part of the body of Christ.


interview of Rumiko
(Christian TV in Mexico)

Keynote speech at IFI