Basic Teaching 基礎の学び・英語版 English version (ver.7 2020年版)

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■(A Group) Relationship with God 神との関係(English)

(01) What is God (word)

(02) Cross and Salvation (word)

(03) Sonship (word)

(04) Repentance (word)

(05) renounce wrong covenant (word)

(06) prayer (word)

(07) Word of God (word)

■(B Group) Relationship with persons 人との関係(日本語)

(01) prologue: healing of heart (word)

(02)Things hinder relation and forgiveness(word)

(03) Value and Lie (word)

(04) wrong communication (word)

(05) Chruch as body of Christ (word)

(06) Boundaries (word)

(07) Share about Christ (word)

■(C Group) Basic of Christian life クリスチャン生活の基礎(日本語)

(01) Word of God (Word)

(02) Faith (Word)

(03) Carry yoke of Christ (Word)

(04)Experience Jesus (word)

(05) To be disciple (word)

(06) Baptism (word)

■(D Group) Fundation of faith 信仰の土台(日本語)

(01) Trinity (word)

(02)  Holy spirit & the baptism of the Holy Spirit (word)

(03)  Praise & Worship (word)

(04)Devotion (word)

(05) Give (word)

(06) Fruit and gifts of the Spirit (word)

(07) Spiritual authority (word)

■(E Group) Sow at good soilよい地に種をまく(日本語)

(01) error of evolution (word)

(02) Cathoric and diferent kinds of churches (word)

(03) Purpose of life (word)

(04) the reason for the hardship (word)

(05) Taboo and Good and bad things to do (word)

(06) About Japan and how to deal with Japanese culture and customs (word)

(07) performance mentality (word)

(08) freedom from unrighteousness (word)

■(F Group) to grow more 成熟のために(日本語)