Religion is not equal to believing in the true God

photoIn the society, Christian churches belong to a category of religion. However, in many cases, we do not like to use the word 'religion', because its image of 'ritual or percepts' is so far from what we believe and practice.

The image we have about 'religion' is the way people try to approach God instead of what God desires. Also it means behaviors that people justify themselves with.

The first religion of the human kind

For example, when Adam commited sin, he realized that he was naked. But he did not ask God for help. Rather he hid himself with fig leaves in order to cover his own shame. What really covered his shame was animal skin God prepared for him.

In a way, this fig leaf can be called the first religion of human kind.

Often times religion is practiced according to human judgment instead of relation to God.
What we cherish is that people may be restored to an original condition through having personal relationship with God and God's will may be done on the earth through the people.
We hope and try to remove any hindrance such as anything religious or anything human.

Honor Christian culture

There may be churches which want to remove anything that does not come from God. There may be even churches which do not celebrate Christmas because of this reason. It is because the origin of Christmas is pagan and the date of Christmas also comes from sun god worship.
However, we do not despise all the tradition of Christianity. We respect the churches which reject Christmas seeking holiness. However, it is basically the time to celebrate the birth of the Savior and it is a good opportunity for people to find out about Christ. So we take it as a good thing and take opportunity of this occasion.

Seeking the essential that the Bibles talkes about

We want to see if whatever we do is to help people to get close to God and grow in God and deepen the fellowship with God instead of being bound by tradition. We want to be a church to seek the essential that the Bible talks about.