do not just happen to be good people gathered


The atmosphere of our church is very good. It is a place where you feel safe and secure. There seems not to be competition, judgmentalism, pride, mounting, rebellion. But it is not that people just happen to be good.
The good atmosphere of our church is a result of the characteristics or policies of church operation, which makes it difficult for troules or strife to happen.

it depend on the policy of operation of an organization matters

Please think about the work environment of a company, for example. Everywhere you may find bad atmosphere in some work places. There may be a reason for that, such as there are mean people there. But many problems seem to be caused by a problem in management policy of a company.
For example, people may lose room to care for others because there is too much work load. Or workers are made to compete with others because they are imposed a quota. Or some are hired because they are good at flattering to their bosses. In such cases, the work atmosphere may be drastically changed just by the executives changing their ways of operation.

In our church, we used to create atmosphere with so much passion and desire to become spiritual where people become proud or compete with each other, considering each other as rivals. The good atmosphere of our church today is a result of removing such wrong seeds one by one.
In addition, the people who make the atmosphere bad as mentioned before may not have to be bad from the beginning. They may be victims of a wrong management policy.

We are different from other secular organizations
Companies have commercial purposes so they need to produce results. Therefore, those who work in companies may be under pressure at times. The workers may work hard even beyond their capacities sometimes because they have to make a living. They may over work even by sacrificing the relationship in the work place.

But things do not have to be that way at church. There is nothing to achieve by sacrificing 'love, joy, peace, thanks, consideration, respect'. Rather, if we make an environment where love and joy grow naturally, then you will be able to reach a desired goal. Therefore, this is what we have to aim at.

The environment where you can expose your weaknesses

Because of our management style of our church, those who gather do not feel any pressure nor feel obligated to do anything. Their boundaries are protected and spending time with families is honored more than serving in church. The pastors and staff take intiatives to exose their weaknesses instead of impressing others. Therefore, no one tries to impress others by pretending to look great.
Therefore, we think the reason why there is no evil atmosphere is not because good people happen to be there, but because evil factors are removed.

We can grow in a good environment
We think that it is necessary as a church to prepare a healthy environment. The growth of people is like the growth of plants. There is no need of special things for plants to grow. Soil is necessary of course, as well as water and sun light, and appropriate temperature. In the same way, there si a function of natural growth within people.