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As has been explained above, we hope you have some understanding of our church's characteristics. There are various reasons for this attempt. One of the reasons is that we believe it is a Biblical way. Also we have seen it working in reality. Another perspective is that we believe it is a church management which helps fulfill sustainable church.

The church as a whole has been growing historically・・・

The Christian church was born in Jerusalem 2000 years ago and has been growing and expanding since then. In that sense, the church as a whole has been sustainable and has been growing instead of declining. However, in reality, when we focus on a local church, there are few cases which may be constantly growing for more than 100 years. Especially in Japan, that tendency is reinforced. It may be inevitable to some extent. But there may be another factor which may have caused the decline.
Of course, we do not have the right answer for that. In fact, even if there may be a good way, it may not work perfectly. Also, something may have worked in one church but not necessarily in another church. Besides, the same way may not work at the same church ten years later.
Considering all these things, what is important is not our methos but flexibility to adust to the time and situations, or sensitivity to be able to respond to the guidance of the Lord.
In any case, the reason why we are attempting various things is becasue we are aiming at a steadily and constantly growing church no matter how slow th pace may be.

Thinking about handover after the age of 40
What I am telling those who serve in the church including staff is that you should consider handover instead of you doing a ministry after the age of 40. It does not mean, though, that you have to retire at that age. Aso it does not mean that those over 40 years should not be serving. You can serve at any age. We just have to be aware of the next generations.

Consider if it is possible to hand over

What is necessary to do when we think about handover is to know whether the next generation would like to do what we are doing now. If we are doing what we want to do with our own ideas, it may not be handed over to the next generation. We need to see if it is necessary to do this in order to hand over. We also need to share the vision to the next generation. While we do these things, the unnecessary things will be weeded out.