Even though no one wants or intends to be legalistic...


When we read the New Testament, it was scribes and Pharisees that were most opposed to the ministry of Jesus. One of the reasons why Jesus came to the earth was to set people free from the legalistic faith. In spite of that, the legalism is often seen in churches today.

And it is often the case that those who are legalistic are not aware of that.

Leaving room to God for work
There may be various reasons for such a situation. One of the reasons may be because they do not expect God to work in the people's lives. That is, they try not to desviate from the trugh by restricting behaviors.

Danger in imposing more rules than the Bible says
In some cases, churches may impose more rules than what the Bible says on members so that
they may not make mistakes. That may protect the members temporarily. But it may not be certain if that may transform that person's life.

Of course, we give teaching, exhortation, and sometimes instruction. Our church is not hedonistic nor liberal church. We show the right direction but we leave decisions up to each person.

Importance of making decisions by your own will
Faith is not to be imposed but to be chosen by your own will. It is not only about believing in Christ but choosing good things in every day life.
Therefore, we would like to be of help for people to make good choices. It is not only teaching but creating good environment. When you are honored and respected in a good community, healthy self is formed and that will help you to be able to make right judgment.
Also freedom from past wounds and dependence on some kind of thing is an important element. Through good environment, people may get healing and deliverance from those things.