The next meeting place and schedule (calendar)


The main place

Mainly Toyohira Kumin Center is used, although it can be changed to another place on rare occasions. Please confirm the next meeting place and schedule above.     

Toyohira Kumin Center 
Sapporo-shi, Toyohira-ku, Hiragishi, 6jyo-10chome,
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meeting place
which is occasionally used

Sumikawa Danchi apartment meeting place

Sapporo-shi, Minami-ku, Sumikawa, 6jyo-3chome, 2,
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Kita Kumin Center

Sapporo-shi, Kita-ku, kita25jyo-nishi6 chome, 1-1

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Minami Kumin Center
Sapporo-shi, Minami-ku, Saiwai-machi, 2chome, 2-1
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Shiroishi Kumin Center 
Sapporo-shi, Shiroishi-ku, Nango-dori, 1chome-minami8,
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Other place
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Regular service

★ Sunday service

Every Sunday at 10:30am ( occasionally from 2:00pm)

★ Wednesday prayer meeting
Every Wednesday at 7:00pm

Children's Classes

Sunday Children's class starts at 11:10am
It is held during the message time.

Youth Classes

They are held on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday
Starts at about 11:15am

They are held during the message time.



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Renting a meeting place for a service

Since 2006, we have been having services with rented places, instead of owning our church buildings. This style is rare for this middle sized church. But for us there are various advantages such as keeping the core value of church as simple, and other things.


The program of the service
Please enjoy fellowship until the service starts
① at about 10:30am praise & worship
② at about 11:00am announcement, report, offering, testimonies etc.
③ at about 11:5am message (about 30 to 40 minutes
The children's class is held at the time of meesage starting.
④ finished at 12:00pm
※ Time schedule is for the morning service.
In case of the afternoon service, it starts at 2:00pm.
※ Our service is flexible so it may not be according to the time schedule.



The welcome staff are waiting for you at the entrance of the meeting room. 。

In case of the room 'Ikoi' in Toyohira Kumin Center which we often use is a room where you take off shoes. You can choose chairs or cushion. There are enough chairs. For the guests, we secure the chairs. During the praise and worship, we stack up the chairs but after the worship, we set up the chairs like this.

Before the service starts

We consider our Sunday service as time of celebration and rejoicing in meeting our friends. Therefore, we do not have time of quiet meditation before the service. If you arrive early in the service, please enjoy welcoming each other and fellowshipping.

Praise & Worship

The lyrics of the praise & worship is shown by the projector. So it is easy for the new comers to participate in the worship time.

Offering and announcemnets

After the praise & worship, there is a time of offering. It is not necessary for the guests or those who do not understand the meaning of it to give offering. So please pass the offering bag even when it comes to your place.


There is some explanation of the word of the Bible. We focus on


There is interpreting into English for every message. Depending on the person who preaches, Spanish messages are interpreted into Japanese at times. In such a case, there is interpretation into English.

Message finishes

Usually there is time of meditating on the message during a short worship times. Once a month, there is a time of small group sharing where people can share what they have received during the message. Everyone is free to decide whether to participate or not.

Program finishes

After the service, some go home and others stay for fellowship.
In case of staying, you can have lunch there. There is no lunch provided by church. But you can buy your lunch at the convenience store near there.

Other activities

Those who want can participate in the Bible study, counseling, coaching, practicing musical instruments, learning languages, recreatin, prayer, and other kinds of activities.

Basic teaching

On the 1st and 3rd Sunday after the Sunday service, there is a Basic Bible teaching course. Although it is called basic teaching, it is a time of sharing experiences with one another and learn various things together.