Foundation for a healthy church

photophoto:We do various ministries to the various areas of the society. Among them, the ministry to families and marriage is one of the largest pillars. Also we do active ministry to the children. We hope that children, our future in the society, may obtain healthy identidy and self-esteem.

Also we hope to be a support so that God's abundant and wonderful plan will be fulfilled in each child's life. Sunday Children's classes are held during the message time in the Sunday Service program.

Super Kids' Club

Bilingual English Club

photoThis program is one of the large pillars of our church as a bridge between church and the society. In our church, we promote bilingual and trilingual education. Language learning is familiar theme for us. This program is a great opportunity to receive English education with reasonable price through first-class teachers.

We hope to build balanced character of children through this program with games, praise dance, phonics, Bible teaching through visual materials, craft, etc.

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