God honors each characteristic

Many parts of the Bible speak about buidling up the church as a team.
No one is perfect. Those who want to be faithful to the word of God may become legalistic. Those who are prophetic may be swept away by something intuitive or instinctive. Powerful leaders may lack compassion. On the other hand, those who are introvert may have a gift of thinking deeply about the essential things. Those who were wounded in childhood get healed and they may be able to do the ministry of healing the wounded people. Therefore, we need to do a team ministry in order to complement each other.

A pastor is a director but at the same time assistant


One of the main ministry as a pastor is like a director who guides a team. The directors do not actually play in baseball or soccer. The directors focus on having others play well. At the same time, though, my job as a pastor is not only a director but also an assistant. When it is something really necessary, I need to meet that need. So I also play a part and sometimes I may do a lot of things. However, my main job is to raise others up.
In the church, those who are called staff run the church mainly. But there are also others who do some kind of leadership ministries. We serve and build up one another according to our own gifts and abilities.