Activities for youth and young people

Youth are the treasure of Japan


The disciples of Jesus was youth people.

We hope that youth will have big dreams, will be used by the Lord and thrive in the society. We have various activities for that purpose. One of the main goals in this ministry is restoration of identity.

Overseas program

The founding pastors of our church run a one year Bible schol in Mexico. The students from Japan are given preferential treatment. The tuition fee is free as the students do the volunteer service. Since the expense is airfare and a couple of hundred dollars every month only, studying in Mexico is a very good opportunity for our youth.

In our church, so far 7 graduated and 1 student is studying now. Not everyone should go, but there are many people who think it is a good opportunity because of the low expense.

And the graduates are a good influence to the younger youth as seniors who walk ahead of them.

Send them to the society

But we do not want to be misunderstood, which is that we send them to study oversead because we want them to serve in our church. Instead, we hope that they will be useful and a blessing in the society, which is in accordance with the vision of 'Life Place'.

Let's consider the first 4 students who studied in Mexico while they were high school students.
They were transformed and received vision in Mexico. As a result, one went to Hokkaido University and its graduate school. Another studied in English University and served as a counseler. Still another went to a nurse school and became a nurse. Another studies at educational university.