Originally the basic identity is to be formed at homephoto

The identity that we are supposed to have as a foundation of life is that we are loved and honored and accepted. And such an identity is acquired at home as you grow up at a healthy home. However, the reality is that there is no such thing as perfect parents. Even if they do not have any evil intention, people get hurt in some way or another on the way into adulthood.

Restoration happens through the encounter with God

Many people get healed in their hearts and have their identity restored through the encounter with God, even if they may not have received it in the process of growing.

That may not be the case as a reality
That is wonderful. But just attending church does not necessarily resotore the identity, which is a reality. For example, people may be tranformed by worshiping God.

The way of thinking of people may be changed by listening to the messages. People may get connected with church through participating in events or having fellowship. But that may not work. All these things are not wrong. But just doing these things may not work, which is true.

Being healed in the healthy relationship with others

Therefore, we started to consider what we need to do in order for people to be restored. We do not elaborate on this further. But Galatians 6:2 says, 'Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.' We have learned that the Spirit of God works in the healthy and safe relationship.

Is such an idea Biblical?

In John chapter 11, Jesus resurrected Lazarous. We can compare this incident to our salvation. Our salvation comes from God and His sovereinty. However, that did not bring Lazarous back to his daily life, because he was wrapped with cloth. Therefore, Jesus told those around him to unwrap him and let him go home.

Also the basic way of thinking and atmosphere of church is important
No one is perfect of course. So restoration through others has is limitation. Therefore, for the people to be restored in the relationship with others, the philosophy and good atmosphere of church is important.

Leaving room for God to work

In this church, no one is forced to do anything. The boundaries are honored and decisions of each person is respected. That means that everyone is treated as adults, because we expect God to do His will even if people seem to make wrong choices or even make mistakes.
When I shared about this to others, some people are concerned if the church may get messy by letting members do whatever they want to do. It seems that they are free and relaxed instead.
We consider it an important factor to understand that characteristics and visions God gives each person is valuable, instead of controlling the members.