Divorce, remarriage, single mothers, single fathers

We bless you all

Church may be a place where the divorcesd people may feel alienated. Even if no one blames them, they themselves may feel alienated. There are Bible verses which may imply that.

photoHowever, there is no such atmosphere in our church. We do not just say it because we want to be encourage those pople. We say it because we consider that the position of the divorced, single mothers, single fathers are not especially good or bad, even if we see them from the Bible point of view.

We do not think unfairly

This may be an extended interpretation, but when we think based on the Bible, sex outside of smarriage is considered marriage in a spiritual sense. (ref. Deu.22:28,29, )(1 Cor. 6:16,17)

Today, having fornication outside of marriage and breaking up afterwards can be seen often. If so, in a spiritual sense, it can mean getting married and getting divorced. In spite of that, such people get married and do a marriage registration, they are blessed as the first marriage. And The divorced and the remarried feel alienated

Support to single mothers and fathers

Single mothers and fathers are under a lot of pressure and busyness. We really hope to give practical suppot to them.


God's love and grace which goes beyond the laws

God also divorced


There is a reason why we the divorced, because God also divorced. According to the Old Testament, God married Israel. However, God divorced Israel because Israel detrayed God.

God's Love which goes beyond the laws

After that, God chose Israel again because of His mercy. Howeer, that was against the Old Testament Laws which God Himself made. (Deu:24:4) However, God did it. It was because the love and mercy of God is infinite and the love of God is superior to the laws. Anyone is given another chance in life.

Anyone is given a chance to start again

The most important part of the Gospel is salvation of humankind. When you encounger with Christ, you can start your life again. Therefore, we think that those people in such a position are given a chance.

Christians are also the same
Someone thinks that the forgiveness and mercy of God is for those who got divorced without knowing God, and it is not for Christians. But it is not so. Christians are also imperfect. And Christians are also loved by God.

Support for restoration

Therefore, we really hope to support anyone who desire to have their identity and their life restored, regardless of their position or past. In many cases, there are areas in their lives which need to be healed. And it is the power of the community that makes restoration possible.