Blessings of Christian home


The 2nd and 3rd generation Christians have great potentials and blessings as written in はPsalms 128. However, it is true that there are cases where the expected results do not come out for some reason.

Generally speaking, it is thought to be an issue of faith. However, in reality, as written in the page of 'ministry to families', the cause may be because they have not been able to build up the parent & children relationship well. Also in the case of Christians, there are cases when children get wounded because the parents try so hard to raise them in faith.

Characteristics of Christian homes

Therefore, in order to avoid such a problem, Christian home's children (CHC) need to understand their characteristics;

<1> The 1st generation Christians first experience love and grace of God and then get transformed inside out. On the other hand, CHC have their behaviors changed first. That means they tend to become legalistic.

<2> The 1st generation Christians get connected with God through the mediator Christ. But CHC have another mediator - parents and they start connecting with God indiretly. That is, the faith of the children depends greatl on whether their relationship with their parents are good or not.

Needs of Christian home

Besides such a problem, the value of tranditional church may tend to underestimate the value of family because they try so hard to be faithful. Also the teaching on the importance of marriage or building up family relationship is weak. Therefore, there can be some distortion.

Teaching on Christian home

Yoshihiro & Rumiko Okada are teaching on 'foundation of Christian hom' at the Bible. We teach on such themes. Ten of those teachings are available on youtube.

Teaching on Christian home (10 sessions in total)(Japanese only)


Teaching on Christian home (10 sessions in total)

URL of play list :https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGgPIWf4yufqdLQn-Mc4H5w-KumTPLYF3