Praise means exalting the Lord

photoIn general, gathering together on Sunday is called Sunday worship. Which part of the program is worship? Of course, praise, prayer, message and fellowship are all worship. Praise is important part of the program to encounter with the Lord. The Bible says that the Lord enthrowned in the praises of His people. (Psalms 22:3)

When we praise God, the presence of God overflows there and we can encounter with God. In other words, we can experienece encounter with God any time if we praise and worship God. Not all Christians may not be called to the worship ministry. But we encourage everyone to learn the guitar, one of the easiest instruments, and people can get free guitar lessons if they wish.

Also, the meaning of praise is exalting the Lord. If so, we can praise God in various situations of our daily lives without using music.

Our church is known for passionate Mexican worship flow. We cooperated with one of the largest praise record company in Latin America, CanZion production, for making Japanese version CD, which became a big hit. Latin America is known for its rythm and music. Especially Mexico is playing an active part in Christian Music.