Teaching is a foundation for a healthy church

photoWe offer messages spoken in Sapporo Christian Group Sunday Service and various teachings.

The strength of the 1st century church was in the teaching. Acts 2:42says ' And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.' Fellowship and teaching are important in church.

Sunday Service audio messages

Weekly video messages

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The Basic Teaching

The 'Basic' in order to lay a foundation for spiritual living

We offer various opportunities for learning. Among them, this 'Basic teaching' is special. We call it teaching, but actually it is through sharin freely with one another. And each person will be able to receive teaching. Therefore, the teaching is arranged so that each person may be able to recognize their needs and can receive restoration of their foundation of life.

In a way, the 'Basic' means preparing the soilof the heart in order to receive the teaching from God, instead of the elementary teaching. Originally we are supposed to be able to receive various teachings with the help of the Holy Spirit. But we cannot receive them when there are hindrances in our lives.

Materials for the Basic teacings

The materials are available through the following link. However, you may not be able to know the dynamics of this teaching until you actually participate in it. It is because this teaching is being made through sharing and carrying burdens with one another. Therefore, it is like a chord chart if it is compared to music. So please joing us and experience this teaching.


The text for the Basic teaching : elementary course

The text for the Basic teaching : Intermediate course


What is the devotional?

The meaning of the 'devotional' comes from the word 'devote' which means giving yourself to.
As a Christian term, the devotional means a daily personal time of reading the Bible or praying , or meditating.

Other ways for the devotional

Originally, there is no fixed way for the devotional and you can choose the way freely. But for those who do not know what or how to do, there are materials such as 'Living Life' or 'Daily Bread' as an assiting material for the devotional.

Also, for those whose email is on our church mailing list, daily devotional mail is sent according to the Bible reading through verses.


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