Family system is a foundation of blessings given by God
photoIf God is almighty, God could have had people multiply in any way He likes. But God chose to multiply humankind through children growing up and their character being built up under their parents for about 20 years. The healthy society is built up through healthy families being built up. In such a sense, it is urgent that healthy homes should be built up.

The reality does not look like that
In reality, however, children may be wounded in their growing up no matter how good their homes may be. It cannot be helped to some extent. But there are many things you can avoid if you know it in advance. We want to do some help in that area as a church.


The identity which can be restored when they start to believe God is the identity that you are loved and you are valuable. But it is a fact that there are many people even as Christians who cannot or have not received such an identity. And its cause may be that they have been wounded at home or in the society.

Therefore, in order for right identity to be restored in church, we as a church provide a place and opportunity where people can receive the word of the Bible, praise and worhsip God and be touched and by the Holy Spirit, and fellowship with each other and experience love in the relationship. It takes time for healing, though, depending on each person.

Teaching about family is effective in order to build up healthy society and home.

Identity that you are loved and you are valuable is built up through home environment in childhood, which is very significant part. So we believe that building up family relationship is important as well as the word of the Bible, praise & worship, and fellowship.

Family is a priority to church activity
The meaning of having a family oriented value is that we do not make members serve in the church at the sacrifice of family. Also there is no problem if you cannot attend church service in order to bless family or relatives. We believe such an activity may be a good opportunity to expand the kingdom values as a part of Life Place Ministry.

Today, lack of teaching on family and marriage is a serious problem. Therefore, we want to build up families thorugh teaching on marriage or counseling or coaching.

There are people who do counseling ministry in a church. We also have a professional counselor. You can receive help depending on your needs.