Marriage is the smallest unit of the society

Marriage relationship is the smallest unit to form a society. Today many families have problems. It looks like the problem seems to be with children but there are many cases where the root of those problems is in the discord in the married couples.

photoWhen the marriage relationship is awkward, the root of the problem may not be the issues in front of them at that moment. Instead the root of the problem may be in the wounds or trauma in their childhood which they bring into their marriage relationship.

Therefore, we want to be of help to restore individual, marriage, and family relationship from various angles.

Those who do actual counseling and coaching are not only pastors but church staff, leaders among members, church school teachers and so on. We work together as a team to bring wholistic restoration.

In 2010, we taught on marriage seminar with 6 sessions on CGNTV, the largest Christian satellite broadcasting station in the eastern Asia.

We also founded 'Info Family' ministry in order to share information on marriage or parenting.