God blesses families

photoThe Bible says that God called Abraham, father of faith, in order to bless all the families on the earth through him. The value of families is one of the most important things.

Among the 12 disciples of Jesus, some were brothers, which shows that God intends for the Gospel to expand throuh families. Therefore, to care for families and keep good relationship with families is according to the will of God.

Church is a family in God

Not only blood related famliies, but also families of faith formed under God, families of God, is also important.

Psalm 68:6 says, 'God sets the solitary in families.', which means that God lets the solitary people live in 'families'. Some people may be lonely and solitary because of various situations and causes. But church can function as a family or relatives for such people.

In order to build up healthy society

Human beings are born and grow in families. If families are healthy, the society and church become healthy. However, children can get hurt even if they may grow in good homes.
There may be many things that could be avoided if there is enough knowledge or information. We hope to help and give advice to families.

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Ministry to build up families

Christian families