What is salvation?

Salvation, when you are asked what it is, may be different depending on how you receive it.
For example, if you get sick and are about to die, you may feel saved when you are healed.
It is a good thing to get your sickness healed. But human beings die some day.
Therefore, unless the problem of death is solved, the problem is not solved at all.
The Bible says that this problem of death is the last enemy of human being. Life is empty no matter how rich or successful you may become, unless this problem is solved.

Eternal salvation

photoTherefore, salvation God gives us is nothing temporary. Salvation God gives us is eternal and absolute.

What made life empty was because human beings separated themselves from God the Creator who gave life to human beings. Just think about the things around you. Smartphones, computers, notebooks, pens are all made for people to use. In other words, the value of those things is determined in the relationship with human beings. In the same way, when human beings separate themselvse from god, they cannot find the significance of their existence. However, the sinful nature that human beings have becomes the wall between them and God. Therefore, human beings disconnected from God, who is the real father like existence.

Encounter with Christ

However, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, came to the earth about 2000 years ago to eliminate that situation , so that those who believe in Him will be forgiven and receive eternal life.

The blessings on the earth

And this salvation does not mean getting saed after this life even though this life is hard. While you are alive on the earth, your problems will be given solutions. Also you will be able to receive blessings, comfort, and encouragement.


Message of salvation


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