It is not global because foreigners gather

In our church there are foreigners. Also the messages are interpreted into English. In that sense, our church is an international church. However, the reason for interpretation is not only for the foreigners to understand the messages but also fro the members to have a global perspective and to be able to acquire English.

photoIn fact, there are several people in our church who leanrned English well just by listening to Sunday messages with interpretation. Most people may not acquire the language just by hearing. But if you make some efforts such as check words which they did not understand and learn them, anyone may be able to learn the language.

In our church, the proportion of those who can speak English or Spanish is higher than average. That is because there are many opportunities to learn, and also it is easy to have a global vision. Our desire is to buidl up world-class people and build up a kingdom of God.