We serve as a team

photoWe aim at team ministry in our church. Each person uses their gifts in order to build up the body of Christ. The pastors and the pastoral staff work together as a team. Also there other members in our church who support and help various ministries.

missionary : Motomochi Alberto & Fumi

photoInternational school teacher & Staff of social welfare NPO

He is from Mexico. His nick name is Beto. graduated from Epicentro Bible schol which belongs to our mother church, Amistad de Monterrey. He came to Japan in 2011.
He speaks Japanese, English and Spanish.
His wife is Fumi, Japanese. She serves in praise & worship, translation and various other ministries. She is a blessing to all those around her through her experience of working in social welfare NPO and communication skills.


Pastoral counseling: Megumi Kijima

photoShe is from Osaka. She used to be a public kindergarten teacher. She received training in YWAM Okinawa along with her husband. They are sent to Hokkaido. She is being used in counseling ministry, seminar spaker, children's ministry. She encourages and edifies many people through her inherent cheerfulness.

Children's ministry leader : Kazuko Ishikura

photoShe is from Hokkaido. She is a faithful children's ministry teacher, serving in church since 1994. She is loved by all the children and she is called 'Teacher' by them.
In addition to children's ministry, she is being used in prayer ministry or sharing messages in the service.


Ex Epicentro Youth Team

photoWe have sent 7 young people to this Bible school which belongs to our mother church in Mexico. All of them have graduated. They serve as children's class teachers, praise& worship team, or various other ministries. The Bible school's name is Epicentro, so the graduates of this Bible school are called ex Epi -MotoEpi. They have experienced both Japanese and Mexican cultures when young. They play an active part with their free thinking in church.

overseas missionary: Megumi Kanazawa

photoShe is sent from Japan and serves in Amistad de Monterrey church. she does praise & worship ministry, intercession ministry and various other ministries. She plays a part of helping and supporting those who come from Japan to study at the Bible school.

More than 1000 people attend our mother church. She plays an active part in praise & worship ministry and prayer ministry in such a church where there are also lots of people for serving.
That shows those who have been trained spiritually in a hard ground, Japan, in this mission field can be used powerfully once they are overseas.

Co-pastors : Yoshiya & Michiru Sugiura

photoCare manager & nurse

They are from Aichi prefecture. They graduated from CFNJ Bible schol. They served as leaders of a local facility of disaster support in Otsuchi cho, disaster area of Great East Japan Earthquake. Theyalso served in the pastoral ministry there. Since 2015, they have been serving in our church as pastoral staff of our church. They homeschool their four sons.


pastors : Yoshihiro & Rumiko Okada

photoArtist & instructor of EIKEN level 1

The pastors received leadership training at the Bible schol in Mexico. They were appointed as pastors in 1998, but since before that time, they have been trained as pastoral staff and translator. One of their special ministries is counseling and coaching of marriage and parenting. They taught on marriage in CGNTV. They teach at CFNJ Bible school. Some of their main subjects are 'praise& worship', ' intercession', ' family and parenting', 'youth counseling', and ' Five fold ministries' etc.

They emphasize on Market place ministry( work to expand the values of the Kingdom of God beyong the frame of the church). The pastor himself is known as an artist of 'tangerine peel art'.

The pastor's family all speak 3 languages (Japanese, English and Spanish). They build up and train many bi-lingual, tri-lingual, and interpreters.

The profile of the pastors

name Yoshihiro & Rumiko Okada
birth place

Osaka(husband) Hokkaido (wife)

academic background

Osaka art college, department of Art (husband)
Ohio University graduate school, master of linguistics (wife)

Bible school Estandarte para las Nationes (CFNI)
ministries outside of church

Teachers at CFNJ Bible schol

Presiding over Info Family
Coaching for married couples

Tangerine peel artist (husband)

Family 3 children(born in 1998 to 2010)
E-mail paginamaestro@hotmail.com

tangerine peel art」)
Let's ask tangerine art pastor!