Offering is an act of worship based on free will.

In our church, offering is up to each person's free will. We believe that offering is something we return to God as a sign of our gratitude and trust to God. It is not controlled by church. And it is done anynymous. We believe that offering is part of act of worship to God. Therefore, free worship based on free will should not be hindered.

Teaching on offering
photoWe teach on offering occasionally based on the Bible. If offering is an act of worship, church is responsible for teaching on offering. What the people actually do is up to each person's freedom, which is not true only for offering.
There is time for offering during the worship service, which serves for those who want to give offering. Therefore, those who do not know the meaning of offering or those who have come for the first time do not have to give offering. Also we emphasize on the transparency. So we announce financial report every month.