Serving in Life Place as the light of the world and salt of the earth

Salt cannot be tasted if salt remains crystal


Jesus talked about us being the light of the world and the salt of the earth. What is salt? The salt we use in our daily lives is used for cooking and it is indispensable for maintaining our lives.

Salt is such an important thing. But when cooking is done, it is not possible to see salt. In other words, salt demonstrates true value when it melts and stops being crystal.

This can be true for a church. It is wonderful for the church members to gather and fellowship regularly as a family fo God. It is also a time to replenish energy such as a gas station.

However, if we gather just by ourselves believers, it is like salt existing as crystal. It cannot be useful for the society. As I mentioned earlier about Life Place Ministry, it is necessary for us to get melted into the society as the salt of the earth in order to share teh Kingdom values on the earth.