The meaning of the word ' LifePlace Ministry'


Life Place Ministry is our coined word, which may be similar to Market Place Ministry. That is a work through each believer outside of church frame to expand the Kingdom values.
However, the reason why we do not use the term 'Market Place' is because it may give an impression that this ministry is only done by famous singers or sports player, or wealthy businessmen, using their fame and influence for the ministry.

Each person is sent to different place
Members of our church are sent as teachers of kindergarten, an International schol, or as nurses to hospitals or nursing homes, NPOs, or as librarians to offices or schols, or to schools or homes, or neighbors etc. Only those who are there can share the Kingdom values to those around them.

God works through our daily lives
What we desire is that God's Kingdom values expand through the daily lives of ordinary people.
It is wonderful if people get saved through that ministry. But salvation is not the only purpose.
Ordinary people's activities in their lives and work are themselves the ministry.