Prayer is communication with God

photoPrayer is communication with God. Therefore, it has to be done in freedom and spontaneous. The source of our power is in God. So prayer helps us to receive power from God. When people get free from the religious things, the desire to have fellowship with God is born.

Praying for one another

One of the atmosphere in our church is that you do not have to receive prayer from special people. Of course, there may be people who have power of prayer in a special way. The Bible says that there are people who are given special power by the Holy Spirit.

However, as Jesus said, 'Two or three gather and I am there' , there is power of the Lord which works in a special way in a community.

Wednesday prayer meeting

Since Wednesday prayer meeting started, it has been 30 years. In our church, we have 30 minute praise & worship and after that we pray according to the prayer requests.

Intercessorty prayer

The pastor teaches regulary on intercessory prayer at the Bible school.