Teaching is necessary for us to be able to judge correctly

Healthy teaching is a foundation of church.

In our church, each person's thoughts or feelings are honored. That does not mean that everyone can do as they please. Instead we hope that each person may choose a good thing with their free will. Also concerning each person's decision, we believe that each person should take responsibility for their actions before God.

photoThe reason why such a way works is because we stand on a foundation of healthy teaching. But that teaching will not work if it is just head knowledge, because there are cases when there are hindrances or darkness of hearts.

Living, active, and practical learning

Therefore, we use a program called 'Basic Teaching' so that members may be able to receive from God effectively.
The word 'Basic' means a basic thing such as the cross and salvation, relationship with God, what the Bible is. We teach such basic things and also focus on building a foundation for healthy growth. This is not done as study but as discussion. In the discussion group, each person's ideas or feelings are respected. You may worry if such a method may be led to a strange direction. But there does not seem to be such a worry.
In order not to hinder the free discussion, the pastors do not participate in that. Also there are intermediate level basic teaching, family teaching, parenting teaching, intercession etc on the internet.